Issues To Be Considered For Applications Of Plant Protection Products

1-Before deciding to apply plant protection products consult a specialist for a proper diagnosis and theprescription.
2-Before using plant protection products read the label and prospectus on the packages.
3-Keep plant protection products out of the reach of children in a closed and locked special cabinet.
4-Do not keep plant protection products near foodstuffs and beverages.
5-While carrying and using of plant protection products, wear working dress, rubber gloves, masksand goggles..
6-Use plant protection products in weather without rain or wind.
7-Before application, by choosing proper application type, definitely do calibration of the applicationmachine.
8-Apply prepared product in a short time without waiting.
9-Do not do application excepting given recommendations on labels on package of the poduct.
10-After application, put alkaline solution or arabic soap in application machine and wait for 24 hoursand then agitate, empty the tank and wash with plenty of water.
11-Do not use empty packages for any reason and dispose empty packages in accordance with requirements.Do not contaminate to environment.
12-Do not eat and smoke during application of plant protection product, after the application, wash yourhands and face with plenty of water. Take off working clothes and wash.
13-Do not eat seeds that plant protection product applied and sell as food. If you see sellers of them,please inform the nearest Agriculture Organization.
14-Do not do harvest before passing of necessary time between the latest application and harvest offruit and vegetable. Do not eat products that are harvested early. Warn eating people of them.
15-If you feel symptoms such as; dizziness, nausea, light-headedness during the application of plantprotection product, immediately stop application.
16-Wash contaminated parts of skin with plenty of water.
17-In case of poisoning cases, call National Poison Consultation Center (NPCC) = 114. Take the victimwith the package, label and prescription of the product to the nearest doctor.


The company warrants the quality of its products provided that they are sold in their original packages.However, we cannot be held responsible for damages to arise from application errors, failures to followthe recommendations and storing faults as storage and application are beyond our control.


When stored under cool and dry conditions in its closed original package, from the date of manufacture,it maintains the physical, chemical and biologic characteristics for minumum 2 years except for changesin tolerance limits.


Calibration of the Application Machine: Before application, be sure of doing calibration of the product properly.To calculate amount of solution per decare, first, well-wet the plants with water in a definite area.By calculating amount of used water, amount of solution per decare is calculated

Preparation of the Product :
Mix calculated amount of product on recommended dosage with little cleanwater. Then, add this pre-mixture to half-filled tank of the application machine with water. By doingmixture, complete water level. Always well-mix the solution and use it in a few hours. Continue mixture,till application is completed. Do not prepare solution more than necessary amount.