About Us

Tarkim Plant Protection Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 2009 in Manisa province with a capital of 16.000.000 TL by Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Headquarters and Regional Unions and Fertilizer Plants Turkish Inc. It is a company activate in the production, sale and marketing of plant protection products.Our facility is built on a land of 20.000 m² in total. It consists of 6.500 m² closed and 13.500 m² open area. The production facilities in the closed areas include Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide, Plant Growth Regulator and Liquid Drugs Unit, Powder Drug Unit, Warehouse, Administrative and Social buildings as well as quality and R&D laboratories. Our production facilities are in accordance with today's quality norms and FAO and WHO standards in the world, and which was licensed by R.T. Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, and makes the production of plant protection products in Herbicides, Fungicides, Acaricides, Plant Growth Regulators, Nematocides, Mollus-cysts, Defoliants, Rodenticides and Fumigant groups in types of WP, SC, DS, DP, EC, DP, GR, EO, SL, TB, WG, DF etc. The production capacity of our enterprise is 12,080 tons/year.

Tarkim Bitki Koruma (Tarkim plant preservation) contains 180 plant preservation products, compatible with the ecological structure and vegetable production diversity of Turkey, it is portfolio and the new licensing activities continue intensely. It targets to be one of the most important companies providing input to the agriculture sector by increasing our product portfolio in a short time. Tarkim Bitki Koruma, having a widespread selling and distribution network, serves to the other agricultural societies, especially 1600 agricultural credit cooperatives, and the agricultural medicine dealers with the expert personnel present in the 7 regions. In addition to the Turkish market, it exports to Azerbaijan, Egypt, Cyprus, Iraq, Libya, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Georgia. In addition to this, it continues licensing activities in a lot of countries and targets being one of the leading companies in the export. In near future, the selling and marketing of the production of public health and medicines is planned.

Tarkim Bitki Koruma, in addition to the quality, reliable and economic products, it presents to the Turkish farmers, is a participation company of the Turkish agricultural credit cooperatives, having production and marketing activities by targeting using the resources more effciently, decreasing the wastes in situ, and preserving human health and environment in all of its activities in order to leave a cleaner environment to the future generations.