Mission & Vision


Our mission is to become a reliable company in the global arena, which deals with activities in relation with agricultural medications which supplies most economical and high quality products to its business partners both within domestic borders and outside borders of the country by understanding the needs and expectations of such business partners in the most possible way, and which adopts national benefits.


Being a global company, which continuously sets new goals for itself, which plays a price determiner role in the market, which pioneers the understanding of quality, and which is known both in Turkey and in the whole world.


Being a Company, which respects producers, its employees and the environment, which is open to changes and new developments, which supports team work, which has adopted productivity and active usage of the sources as its principles, which gives great importance to quality issues and to reliability, which adopts national benefits, which cares about customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, and which serves in accordance with the mission of the Company.